Boat Club Naples
Boat Club Naples & Brookside Boat Rentals

Don't Buy the Boat, Join the Club

If you love boating, but don't love the hassles of boat ownership, the Boat Club Naples is for you. Located at the Brookside Marina Boat Rentals, the Boat Club Naples offers its members year-round-access to a fleet of ready to go deck boats, pontoon boats and center console boats.

We take care of the details, so you can have all of the fun. Just make a reservation, choose your boat for the day, and we handle the rest. In no time, you will be out on the water in a top-of-the-line watercraft. It is that simple. And that fun!

  • No Daily Cleaning or Maintenance
  • No Monthly Engine Problems
  • All boats are U.S. Coast Guard Equipped
  • No Prior Boating Experience Necessary
  • Training Lessons Available
  • No Dock fees or Storage Fees
  • Fun, Easy & Affordable
  • Make Boating SIMPLE!


$ 25 FREE Gas

Text "Club" to 239 677- 4577

Get $ 25 FREE Gas for your first outing!

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